Logo Crunch

Make your logo multi-res using computer vision


Logo Crunch uses computer vision to make multi-resolution favicons and app icons

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Bogdan Mustata
Aaron Chiandet
Alex Burciu
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  • Aaron Chiandet
    Aaron ChiandetUI/UX Designer @ SpyFu

    It's very effective at generating the smaller resolution icons.


    It adds a white or black background to your file depending on the file format.

    I like the tool so much that I keep coming back to see if he fixed the background issue. I would suggest trying it out but it's not ready for a product in production like ours.

    Aaron Chiandet has used this product for one month.
  • Alex Burciu
    Alex BurciuI accelerate startups.

    Easy to use, great logo within seconds. No paradox of choice.


    Clustering of similar designs might be useful (or a button to show more/less like this). Feature to preview the design on t-shirts & mugs.

    I was able to generate a new logo for our existing company in within seconds. So good, that I'm showing it to my colleagues to consider it!

  • Irana Sverbitskaya
    Irana SverbitskayaMake up artist, Shleyf Salon

    Great app



    Cool app for logo styles of all kinds

    Irana Sverbitskaya has used this product for one day.