Log and monitor your projects

Loggie.io is simple remote logging tool, where you can log from severity type "info" to "fatal".
Here are some key features:
1) Easy to setup
2) Supports channels
3) Alerts through email and slack
4) Monitor servers (Coming Soon)
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Cant wait to try for keeping track of my logs.
The UI looks great. Trying this out
When the highest quota is only 5000 a day that makes me worry that the product does not scale. Also in a space that is primarily billed by the size of the logs, not the amount of entries i could see some issues. having a log item of 10 characters take the same quota as a log item that is 1000 characters. I think the product looks nice and simple, but the pricing structure may need some work. I'm curious on the storage mechanism and how well it can scale for customers who would send hundreds of thousands of lines a day aggregated from all their servers