LOCK8 smart bike lock

The World's First Smart Bike Lock

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this is pretty cool; it has a built in alarm and GPS tracker. It can also facilitate you renting your bike (because it's keyless), so you can earn money renting out your bike. And no charging as it recharges whilst you cycle.
There's also http://teolock.com/ and http://bitlock.co/. Not sure about world's first!
Hate to be a negative nancy but this looks like a solution in search of a problem. Keyless entry is great for locks that change all the time — Zipcars, say. But it seems totally useless to have such a flimsy lock that's basically reliant on your phone battery. When I cycle I often use GPS of some form…say I'm going somewhere, stopping for lunch and coming back, my phone will usually die half way through the day. So then I have a big, bulky, (I think) insecure lock that I have to open with a fob anyway. I'd maybe look at this tech if it was integrated into a solid Kryptonite New York lock, or I lived in the countryside. But yeah. Not for me.
I think one of the key advantages is that this has an inbuilt alarm/siren also.