Find & join nearby groups to socialise & learn new things

LocalBrackets is a community driven platform that offers people the opportunity to socialise with those who share their interests.
It makes it easy for users to create, find & join brackets, and collaborate with ease, and helps communities foster & develop.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hello ProductHunt! I am Mrigank Pawagi, Founder of SocialME. Last year, I launched LocalLink, right here on Product Hunt - and I was glad to receive a positive response. LocalBrackets it the successor of LocalLink - completely revamped and designed from scratch. Stunning New Design. Tons of New Features. LocalLink is now LocalBrackets. But the change is far more than just the name! Multi-Platform LocalBrackets has a Progressive Web App that runs from any device you had like, as well as a Trusted Web Activity App Exclusively for Android! Create Brackets. Build Communities. LocalBrackets helps you create and manage groups of all sizes - and effectively build an inclusive community. Find Brackets. Near You, For You. LocalBrackets helps you easily find the bracket of your interest, near you. Finding the right community is very crucial to your way to socialising! Socialise & Learn New Things. LocalBrackets helps you join meaningful communities so you can do what you really love - together. That way you socialise and learn - at the same time! Connect & Collaborate, With Everything at 1 Place. LocalBrackets helps you efficiently connect and collaborate with your community, with powerful management tools, like the lightning fast chat. Bragging Rights, Included. LocalBrackets gives you a quick, intuitive report about you - and your interests based on membership. How you brag with it has been left upon you! Anti Spam, Built in. LocalBrackets has been built keeping your security at utmost priority. With verified accounts, bracket reporting and rating, limitations on bracket creation and modification - you can be assured of being at a safe place! So what are you waiting for? Try LocalBrackets today! We welcome your suggestions and queries.
Great product to help build authentic communities! Loving the UI updates too, well done πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thanks a lot for the response! Ensuring Authenticity has been a major goal for LocalBrackets (LocalLink, earlier) since always. It was great to hear you loved the UI too! 😁
Awesome product! A great social platform to invite ppl who share similar interests... In this modern world where socializing is really important, I hope this product helps people. Great work Mrigank!
@diksha_dutta Thanks a lot for response. I have personally been a very unsocial person - without any friends in my locality. With LocalBrackets, I hope to solve this problem for others like me!