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Veronica Belmont
@veronica · Destroyer of Worlds (and PM at Growbot)
Recipe apps drive me crazy because there's no common format for importing and exporting. I've tried several apps throughout the years, finally landing on Paprika. But I'm not going to just start over from scratch with a new app unless I can import my old tried and true recipes. It's a bad system all around.
Han-Son Lee
@hansonlee · CEO, LOAF App.
@veronica Hi there, thanks for your comment. It's funny you say that about Recipe Apps driving you crazy...that's actually why we built Loaf in the first place, because Recipe Apps, Books, Websites, we found stopped us from doing more cooking. I think Paprika does a fantastic job if you like to build recipe folders and collections. What we're focussed on is a better experience of cooking itself - starting from how you find recipes in the first place via our personalised recommendation, through to making your cooking stress-free and easy, so much so that you can speak to someone if you have any questions. Finally, we want to help people connect the dots in their food better so with Loaf you can track what you've made, leave reviews and much more. Would be great to get your feedback.