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Jacqueline von Tesmar
@jacqvon · Community, Product Hunt ✌️😻
I love cooking, I just never know what to make. This app would be the inspiration I need! What makes Loaf different from other similar recipe apps?
Han-Son Lee
@hansonlee · CEO, LOAF App.
@jacqvon Hi there, firstly sorry the delayed reply - I literally just found out we were on PH! Great to hear you love cooking - so do we! Loaf stands for the Love Of All Food and we're focussed on making the cooking experience itself as simple and seamless as possible. Home Cooks can get quicker inspiration as we recommend recipes from over 50 chefs and bloggers each week, based exclusively on your tastes. We then take you through a simple, animated step by step guide where you get hints and tips along the way. You can also talk to someone, while you cook if you have any questions or want more recipes. Finally Loaf helps you track what you've made for easy sharing, reviews, and you can even share your own recipe master pieces super quick through our 'personal assistant' style recipe writer. This is just the start for us so any feedback you have is very much welcomed.