Efficient, accurate and actionable load tests

LoadNinja is the next generation of load testing. LoadNinja can reduce testing time by 50%, replace load emulators with real browsers, and provide actionable metrics that matter, all at ninja speed. With LoadNinja, engineers, testers and product teams can focus more on building apps that scale and less on building load testing scripts.

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Getting up and running is really easy. You can record tests and use real browsers to run load tests. You can also click into each VU to see what actions they're taking in that exact moment, which is pretty cool. I'd definitely recommend.


Easy to Use, Fast and Accurate


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I love the time required to start load testing my platform: literally minutes. It is very interesting to see how real browsers can be used because I have the piece of mind the load it is generating is really Hi-FI load.


Easy to use, specially setting up a new tests


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That's awesome! We're really happy you enjoyed using the platform!
How it is different from JMeter and LoadRunner?