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I like the interface but seems to be rip of? Comparing most sites to Google seem unfair. If I created a site as simple as google.com it would load as fast. I just tried with http://nordicappeal.com which generally load on around 2-3 sec. I doubt it could be 2x or even 4x faster. And I also doubt it needs to be faster! Anyway that is my opinion. I would recommend people to use pingdom.com and PageSpeed to see what to improve.
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The "How it Works" doesn't really say how it works... it seems like it is just additional content for "Why Speed Matters" Any case studies of performance increases, what they were, and how you did it?
@ffumarola Yeah sure we've posted few of them on our twitter account here : https://twitter.com/loadfasterco (these are screenshots before/after of gtmetrix reports) Btw you're RTX and traffic platforms look amazing. I'll dig into it. Do you have a free demo available?
Edit: Wrong account used to post the comment.
Hi @fotofactorydk, thanks for the comment. Our team and I appreciate it! Your site is awesome by the way. I've just bought a Rain Design mStand from Apple, but seeing your accessories, I'm starting to regret my compulsive purchase! We just got the access to comment on Product Hunt, thanks @erictwillis. I just wanted to share with you that we really can make your site 2 times faster, from 3 seconds to around 1 second load time actually. We won't tell you all our secret recipe, but we emailed you some tips. Regarding what you said about not beeing fair to compare each website to google. We only added google's load time there, just as a control line for you to see how fast our servers can load it. If we load google in 5 seconds you can imagine that the results shown on the widget won't be realistic. I agree with you that every website owner should check services like PageSpeed, pingdom, GTmetrix, etc. to improve their performances. We also use them when working on an optimization to base our credibility on theirs, but the difference is that we do all the work + some technical magic your average webmaster doesn't know about. Sometimes our optimization tweaks are not enough, that's why we also offer hosting included in our 4x Times Faster package. Thanks again for the review and let's get in touch
@erictwillis @demoweb_co Thank you for the very kind words. Thank you for you good explanation and thoughts on optimisation. Im sure you have a good solution for many sites. I just read a post on a site on how speed could effect behaviour on websites and that actually made me go through two of our sites to speed things up. Also Im hosted on a good host which is essential. Thanks again Derek - lets keep in touch
Is there any reason why https://www.gitignore.io/ returns "Error" on the check?
Hi @joe_blau, yeah sorry about that. Currently our API that runs the test with the screenshot doesn't work with secure connection, I mean it can't process https links at this moment, but we will fix this asap. Meanwhile, you can check your site speed with more accurate results on gtmetrix.com, we use this tool as well to send a before/after report to our clients after the optimization work.