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#4 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2014
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Like Yo, but with Lo (get it?). Perfect for your mother, boyfriend, boss, etc.
@ggiaco Thanks Gerry! We hope it will be as useful and fun for others as it was for our team this summer.
Best Yo clone I've seen. :-)
Ahoy already does pretty much the same thing (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...). FYI impossible to use Lo in France, the phone numbers aren't recognized.
@troblous Look out for Lo in France coming soon! Re: Ahoy, we were very interested in hearing how our audience felt about the dichotomy between broadcasting your location vs requesting and subsequently receiving someone's location. They seem to connote slightly different use cases (you are somewhere cool and want to tell your friends vs. someone wants to know where you are for another reason. The app was really born out of a desire for us to be able to keep track of our team in-house! We're just hoping that the requesting of your friends' locations is a value prop that will be useful and fun for people- it's been a fun project for the team!
Installed, but can't get it to start. It keeps crashing on me. It pops up the location permissions request, and then before I can authorize, it crashes.
@jasoncrawford we're trying to work out that bug now, a few people have reported a similar issue. Thanks for your feedback!! Keep an eye out for an update!
@bullingtone Let me know if I can help diagnose. FWIW, I enabled location permissions manually in the settings screen, then went back to the app. Now it doesn't pop up the permissions request, but it still crashes very quickly after startup.
@bullingtone @jasoncrawford I ran into this too, but I chalked it up to iOS 8. Hope that helps narrow it down!
@ke @bullingtone Nope, I am still on iOS 7
@ke Might not be iOS 8 related -- working fine on Beta 5 for me; hopefully the update fixes it!
@darshan1394 @suczewsthegoose congrats on the launch! Love the color scheme and minimal design though the hierarchy of type on the home screen is somewhat confusing to me. Hoping that this will really take off since you can piggyback off of familiarity with Yo and the existence of a super-simple standalone app. Apple's and Google's and Facebook's versions of location-sharing utilities have really struggled, but I'm a believer in Lo! YOLO! er... LOYO!
@llukech Thanks so much! Definitely agree re: the home screen hierarchy -- we'll work on making this a bit clearer soon.