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LivMo empowers more meaningful lives by effectively connecting Brands, Organizations, Communities and Creators, with Consumers who are actively seeking new and exciting experiences.
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Such an easy and safe way to book fun and awesome experiences!!
@siti_razalie Thank you. Our goal is to improve the quality of lives, by making the process easier and more affordable! Thank you for your support!
Looking forward to when Spain in available (in my case Madrid, but Barcelona and many more Spanish cities would be really cool too)
@camila_rubio_varon We hope to get there quickly too. Spain is one of our favorite countries and we would love to expand there. Besides the usual discovery tools like Facebook, Chats, Blogs, Magazines, etc. What do you guys use when you are looking to do something fun in Spain?
Hey Product Hunters! We're very excited to share with you something that we've been working on. We created a Curated Collection of Remarkable Experiences, which is simple and safe to book. We're all busy people, and spending time behind a screen searching multiple platforms for fun activities, isn't something we look forward to. Using a hybrid of technology (Machine Learning) and Human Expertise, we aim to connect the right consumer with the right experience at the right time. We ultimately want our users to #SearchLess and to #LiveMore. Our mission remains to create more meaningful lives, but empowering people to do more of what they love. The LivMo network scours each City to uncover Exciting and Remarkable Experiences. We curate experiences worth doing and verify each creator, so our community can book with a peace of mind! (No more Fyre Festivals!) We also work with Creators on Special Privileges, Bulk Purchases, Bonus Perks, and Early-Bird Deals. We strive to make Fun more Accessible, Memorable and Affordable for everyone! Our vision is to grow LivMo into the Amazon of Activities and Experiences. A centralized discovery and booking platform that powers your Daily Lives, not just when you travel. We’re just in Singapore and Los Angeles for now, but we’re already speaking with potential investors about Australia and Thailand. We’ld love to hear your feedback and any comments you have on how we can improve.
Love the design and the concept—looking forward to seeing more options in the US, but will keep this in mind, while traveling.
@jwby Thanks Jonathan, we have few experiences available now. Starting next year we're sure to be adding quite a lot in the states, particularly in California, Nevada, New York to name a few. Thanks for your comment!
Thank you for bringing such exiting experiences. Really enjoyed the Kygo event!
@anniejam Thanks Annie! We're working with more global creators, to bring more exciting moments to life! We're very encouraged by your support!