Make your iOS lock screen useful


With LiveUseful, Hide text, image and QR code in your lock screen wallpaper. Only show them when you press the screen use 3D Touch.

Reminders, todo-lists, QR code of your social media account, the exchange rate table ...... Your lock screen can do a lot. It’s all depends on your imagination!

Make your lock screen useful using Live Photo.

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Jaye Gyesie
Chris Allen
Armin Salehipour
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  • Armin Salehipour
    Armin SalehipourApp Designer & Developer

    Brilliant workaround for iOS, the app is easy to use


    Low resolution when pressing on iPhone X. Custom text, box, and adding images are locked behind a pro paywall when the app costs $1.99

    I love this concept, but I can't recommend it to a friend because I know they wouldn't be okay with paying twice. I have no problem paying for an app and supporting a fellow developer, but I can't justify paying for more features after paying upfront. Maybe make it free and then pay for pro or have all features and pay upfront? I think it would also be fantastic if adding lists/tables was built natively into the app rather than having to screenshot one and importing it as an image (which is currently only for pro users as well). This last point might just be for iPhone X, but even with a 5K wallpaper, activating live on the iPhone X lockscreen stretches the image to the point of visible blurring. Since the text/QR generated by the app also gets blurred I'm guessing this has to do with the resolution the app exports the final image in. Overall, I think this is a great idea and i hope it sees improvements in the future

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  • Matvey Badaguev
    Matvey BadaguevData scientist @Placr

    simple and understandble UI


    didn't find

    will for updates

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