Embed any web content (YouTube, polls, etc.) in your slides

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Hey all, Cofounder of Poll Everywhere here! LiveSlides is a free add-in that embeds any web content (videos, live audience polls, tweetwalls, KPI dashboards, etc.) in PowerPoint or Keynote slides on Mac and PC. We created LiveSlides because we built really great web browser integrations (Chromium/WebKit) for Poll Everywhere's live web visualizations. We thought we'd open up our technology to the rest of the world in an effort to put an end to boring presentations. If you're a developer and want presentation capabilities in your web app we have a few simple APIs worth checking out at
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@bradgessler this looks fantastic, great work! The main downside to this approach is that if you share the deck they need to download the plugin. Do I understand correctly that this won't work in the iOS version of Keynote as you aren't able to add plugins? Are you able to actually demo a full webapp within the pitch deck with LiveSlides or does that require an embed integration with your service?
@tombielecki thanks! LiveSlides only works with Keynote and PowerPoint on Mac and Windows. While quite a feat (we're the only game in town that works on Mac) you are correct in that anybody viewing or presenting the slides needs to have LiveSlides installed and it doesn't work on iOS. I will point out that Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows and iPad display web content, but only if its approved by the Microsoft app store. A big motivation behind LiveSlides is to make the world aware of how much better a presentation can be with the *open* web so we're hoping Apple, Microsoft, and Google take notice and roll out better web integrations natively into their slideware applications and more websites build compelling presentation experiences.
Slides are inherently static, and so are most presentations. If you're presenting dashboard data and KPI's, you won't have to copy-paste over and over again for every meeting. If you're giving a talk, there are a bunch of new capabilities that make your talk more live, like: Being able to interact with Google Maps, add live polls, embedding YouTube directly in a painless way. It works on both Keynote and PowerPoint, and created by my YC batchmates Poll Everywhere.
I love that you built something that both hackers and normals need. Who hasn't been frustrated by this problem at some point? Damn, my blood pressure rises just thinking about wrestling with slides and videos. Congrats and thank you!
@sacca thanks! Yep, we got tired of waiting around for the big slideware vendors to get this right and just did it ourselves.
Finally, I can play a damn YouTube video directly in my presentation.
This looks amazing - can't wait to use it at Fullstack.
@dyang thanks! We've featured CodePen ( and JSFiddle ( on the website for embedding code, but it will work with any code embeds.