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This is another "app for voyeurs" very similar to Watch People Code. @jcbgreen - how are you seeing people use Livecoding.tv so far?
@rrhoover Hey! we are seeing people use it in quite a few different ways so far: 1. people working on open source projects 2. people working on their side projects 3. people/agencies who want to promote their engineers and demonstrate their skills. We are really excited to see how this evolves with our community! The difference between us and Watch People Code is that you can stream on our platform - Watch People Code pulls streams from other places on the web. If anyone else has any questions please just ask :)
They say this is going to be the next big hit, after watching people play video games....
@tracyingram fingers crossed :)
Confession: I have not yet watched people coding, but once I tried watching someone write, and it was - surprise - dead boring.
@v4violetta Haha hopefully this will be a little more entertaining! :)
I really like the concept, but the tech is really poor. I've been live coding a bunch and I like the community and helping other people out. But the streaming tech cuts out every 5 minutes making it impossible for people to watch streams. I think this is a big problem with having non technical cofounders who farm work out to Pakistan. I'd love to see some major improvements on this concept and maybe a team that is receptive to feedback.
I can definitely see the becoming a really cool way to teach coding skills to those who want to learn potentially. Really cool to see where it goes!
@immatthamlin Only way to learn is by doing. No amount of watching people code will make you a good programmer.