Multi-channel and easy-to-use customer service software.

LiveAgent streamlines all of your communication in one place. It's a complex help desk software for customer service & user acquisition that improves customer satisfaction, increase sales and saves time.
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Hi Product Hunt community! πŸ‘‹ LiveAgent was first born during 2006 when the other product of our company, Post Affiliate Pro, has started to receive too many support inquiries to be handled via email. Again, our founders were not satisfied with any solution available on the market back at the time, so they have decided to develop & build their own. Not that they had any unrealizable ideas in mind. No. They were always looking for a solution, that would satisfy the customers most and place them in core of the business. Step by step, line after line, the first version of LiveAgent was born. Since then, it has grown from simple ticketing & live chat software to multi-channel customer service solution that powers the customer support departments from the companies all around the world ranging from NGOs (such as Global Coffee Platform), start-ups, mid-sized companies (, X-cart..) to huge entreprises like Yamaha, Airbus, Nascar, Huawei and many others... Main features: β€’ Streamlined communication into tickets πŸ“§ β€’ Live chat with proactive invitation & real-time typing view πŸ’¬ β€’ Built-in call center software πŸ“ž β€’ Customer portal with (multiple) knowledge base, forum, suggestion board πŸ“š β€’ Various integrations to connect with your favourite software πŸ› οΈ β€’ Plenty of automated rules to organize your dashboard πŸ“Š β€’ Gamification to support the proactivity of your colleagues πŸ€ͺ Main benefits: β€’ Ability to share mailbox πŸ“¨ β€’ Increased revenue & leads πŸ“ˆ β€’ Increase website engagement 🌐 β€’ Increased response speed & decreased ticket load ⏩ β€’ Free 24/7 customer support βœ… β€’ Very fair pricing & no contracts πŸ“ β€’ 14 days free trial πŸ†“ β€’ Easy deployment on your website πŸ’» β€’ Best value / performance ratio πŸ’² We are looking forward for your feedback!
This is a must have tool for any company, who's serious about customer service Pros: - the interface is simple and easy to use - automation - mobile app - you can have online chat, help desk, ticket and KB all in one place Cons: - no granular settings customization Overall: If you use liveagent you will never change it... Waiting for future development of the products
The ease of use and userfriendliness of support is amazing with LiveAgent Besides that all the features it offers for a very good price makes this an awesome tool to use for customer support. Very satisfied !!
We've switched from Zendesk for Startups to LiveAgent and indeed it's one of the most wise & rewarding decision we made so far. The support provided by the @matejkukucka 's Team is next to none. I just wish if they work on the UI & UX as it's still big pain to merge (auto merge) tickets without clicking less than 6-7 button and hit search button at least thrice. Secondly, they seriously need to work on the Android app which seems to be a 90s JAVA/Symbian based app where you can't even use Macros/Canned response. How about native WooCommerce and Salesflare integrations? And, I can help you in on-boarding at least 10 new paid users who're dying to have that integrations. With that said, I highly recommend LAdesk or LiveAgent to every Startup Team and Founder. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
It’s been one of the best saas products I have purchased. It is easy to use and configure.