Live Better With

Making day-to-day life a bit better for those with cancer

Live Better With is a site with 1000+ products recommended by the cancer community to help improve the quality of day-to-day life + guides, tips and community.

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Sites like this need all the publicity they can get.
@anujadhiya I'm totally agree!
Having witnessed 2 family members fight and live with cancer, I recognise the importance of things like this - well executed!
+1 Cancer patients and their support families can't spend time in the google zone - and this brings together many difficult to source products.

This place is a middle man for other companies. I’m about to go though chemo so I ordered a bunch of products. They sent the wrong item. I still don’t ah e to. One item also was sent with Insufficient Address and because they manufacturer sent it directly, they won’t help me. Other items I received so I know I wrote the address correctly. They take no accountability. Order directly from the shops and stay away from this headache.


Supposed to be one stop shop


Bad service. Sent wrong items. Not helpful in rectifying the problem they caused