Broadcast live like a pro, wherever you are.

πŸ“² Broadcast live like a pro!
No more need for a computer, cables or cameras to do live broadcasts. a quality live show.
With Livapp you can broadcast live on any platforms with every contents (slides, names, logos, full screen) directly inlaid on your video
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Bonjour Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ We are thrilled to share with you our new app ! In three words we developed Livapp because it's : Easy to set up, you only need a tripod and a smartphone for a pro broadcast. Simple to use, no need professional skills in livestreaming to make it works . And Reliable, it will shows you in which quality your bandwidth allows you to broadcast and even save your live in hd quality on your phone. You can now : 1/ Enrich your live show with your presentation, your logos or the names of the presenters. 2/ Use the remote function to remotely play the slides of your presentation. 3/ Easily capture the best moments of your intervention while your broadcasting with the mini clip function. πŸ‡«πŸ‡· We're a small, 100% bootstrapped team from France that's always looking for feedback to help us build the best and simplest livestreaming solution on 🌍 πŸ”₯ Lifetime offer for PH'ers Get a 50% lifetime discount on Pro. To redeem use "PH50" on your Billing page once logged in (usually $30/mo, now $15). πŸ‘‡FAQπŸ‘‡ How much does it cost? It's free to download, and you have 15days trial will all features available without engagement, at the end of this period, 2 possibilities : 1- There is a freemium version that allows you to broadcast with limited features 2- And a pro version with all features unlocked at 30$/month When will it be available on android? Very soon, we are currently working on the android version and we hope to release this version for the end of August. Questions or concerns? Please feel free to comment or reach out to us on ! I'd be glad to hear from you! Get started for free :
I Just downloaded it, looks great
@dannyashley Cool :) give us feedback if you can, it helps us to improve the solution!
Hi ClΓ©ment, congrats on launching your product! In these times with social distancing, I feel this product could do really great. I'm part of a community where we have to share our presentations live with our audience even, when we run webinars. I also love the website design, super clean UI and easy to navigate. I've left a few comments on feedback if you have time - would love to hear your thoughts: Congrats again on launching and wishing your product much success :)
@christian_piponides Hey Christian thank you for all those relevant feedback, I came through and reply on bubbles (nice tool btw didnt know it and will use again thanks)
@swishlive @clement_rensag Congratulations on Livapp. The live slides sharing of your presentation is pretty cool. Will definitely recommend Livapp. Cheers
@rahulvats Thank you mate !
@clement_rensag Congrats on the launch and looking forward to the Android release! Is/will there be support to add in additional feeds from other video sources or "presenters"?
@juan_perez2 , thank you for the support :) At this time we want to keep the app really simple and we feel that adding other video sources could complicate the use of livapp, but this is a great idea indeed, this is something we will be working on for the future if people are asking this feature often. For the moment we want to validate the need for our product before investing more on r&d ;)
@clement_rensag makes sense! Looking forward to seeing y'all grow :)