Litur for macOS

A better way to find, collect & organize your colors

The best way to find, collect & organize your colors on iOS just made it's way to macOS.
The perfect toolkit to have as a designer. See color combinations, check color contrasts according to the WCAG guidelines, sync your colors and much more
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Please add option to change keyboard shortcuts, I have been using 1 keyboard shortcut for picking colors since the dawn of color picker apps, muscle memory.
@deimos that actually makes sense! Coming to an update near you!
Niceee! Application looks very slick and has a very nice user experience. I love it 🖤 Congratulations!
@peteliev Thank you! I appreciate!
Cool tool. Did you get the name from the Icelandic word for color?
@gillisig Haha, Yes!
So cool, guys!
As soon as I watched the video I thought to myself "FINALLY!! A color picker with an integrated contrast checker and compatible color suggestions!" Instant purchase! Thankfully t's very good in practice as well, but I have a couple of complaints.. 1. When I click on the first color, the app crashes. There's no error message or anything, it's just quits itself. Clicking any of the other colors works. 2. When you launch the color picker, there is no way to hide it. You have to select a color. That's a problem because I might launch it by accident and I can't make it go away without selecting a color but I don't want to save. I then have to open it and delete that color which is just a waste of time. Pikka lets you hide the color picker by repeating the launch shortcut. If you do that in Litur, if lunch is a second color picker, then a third and so on x infinity ^^; I think that's an oversight. 3. No way to select multiple colors at once (for example, to delete them). You can make it so that cmd+click lets us select ultiple colors, just like Finder lets you select multiple files. 4. The contrast checker he's very handy but is it it's a real shame that we can't use it to check two colors that we've previously saved. You can only select one color and then manually enter the code of the second one (or use the sliders to create it). Big missed opportunity in my opinion! 5. No way to customize the shortcut (although I knew that before I bought it thanks to another comment on PH) I don't regret my purchase but it'd still be super awesome if the issues I mentioned could be addressed down the line (perhaps in the next update?) 😊
@anna_0x Hi Anna, oh my this is really good feedback and thank you so much for the love! For dismissing the color picker, pressing the esc key does that. But I completely missed adding that to the shortcuts list. Would add that now and also explore the option where repeating the launch shortcut dismisses it too. The rest of the points you mentioned are super solid points, already exploring them. Watch out for an update coming to you 😁 Thank you once again for your purchase!
@knightbenax Ah, Thanks for telling me! I didn’t think to try the escape button. I actually had some trouble finding the list of Shortcuts to begin with. Might be just me but it could be a bit more obvious, especially for new users. I’m looking forward to the updates!