Programmable modules that snap together

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I bought a kit for my kids. They had fun with it, and my younger one (6) brought it to school for show 'n tell. The teacher was quite impressed. But like all toys, it spends more time on a shelf than being played with. Kids just don't have the attention span. Still, it's definitely cool, and you can extend it with projects that they email you about / different ideas of what to do with it. I actually wanted to find some time to connect Littlebits to LEGO, possibly to Mindstorms too and see what we could create.
Whoa this is cool! Like Legos + electronics. I might have to buy a kit
Yeah, this felt pretty cool to me, and I am hearing this a lot lately that kids don't have the attention span. And, I totally agree, if all of these toys were somehow interoperable, that'd be incredible.