Little Printer

A delightful web-connected printer that lives in your home.

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Loved testing this out :) Simple, fun, beautiful idea. Love the idea of having the iDoneThis dailys too
We were chatting about this with @nchirls, @wp, @jrlevine, and @jlax a few days ago on an upcoming episode of Product Hunt Radio. As mentioned, I love the idea of using the Internet to bring physical things into the real world. Looks like you can subscribe to over 160 publications. Maybe we should deliver the top hunts of the day via paper and ink. ;)
@rrhoover see cloudwash: as an example of what can be achieved using Berg Cloud to bring physical things into the 'cloud'
@rrhoover And you can make your own publications too! We see a lot of users making scheduled and "push" content, and leaving it in "Developer Test". That way, they can subscribe to the content, but it's invisible to the general public. One of my favourites... I went to visit friends at a large tech company, and they were using Little Printer to print the lunch canteen menu every day. Developer docs here:
See also Berg Cloud