A virtual office for connecting with your remote co-workers


Lito is a web-based voice collaboration tool that lets you better collaborate with your remote co-workers. A virtual office so you can feel like you're in the same room as your co-workers, even if they're remote. Start a conversation right from your browser with no registration or download, and claim your own customized link for your team.

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9 Reviews5.0/5

I found it better than teamspeak, skype or appearin. Very simple to use and it felt very stable. All the little details and graphics are spot on :)


Super simple to use.


It's hard to come up with a con right now, as the team has delivered a great MVP that works well!

I really appreciate the platform and I’m using it with my remote peers constantly. It kinda reminds me of Ventrilo or Teamspeak but for business, and everybody can enter with just one link, which is a really cool thing! :)


Simple and user-friendly, screen sharing, focus on voice only, solves a big problem of daily life in our app development company


None so far