Listen Notes 3.0

Search (almost) all podcasts & episodes in the world.

Listen Notes is a search engine for podcasts, with some simple tools for listeners: Listen Later, Listen Alerts, Listen Clips.

A use case that may be useful for people on Product Hunt: Before meeting a VC or a celebrity entrepreneur, use Listen Notes to find all podcast interviews of that person and binge listen all of them, e.g., Justin Kan

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👋Hello, PH! I've posted Listen Notes 2.0 to Product Hunt last September. What's new for Listen Notes 3.0? New UI + A bunch of new features: * Listen Later: Like Instapaper, but for podcasts. You can build custom playlists of episodes and listen on your favorite podcast apps. * Listen Alerts: Like Google Alerts, but for podcasts. You can subscribe to some keywords and get notified whenever new podcasts mention these keywords. * Listen Clips: You can create annotated clips of podcast episodes. * Listen APIs: well, APIs for developers to use. * ... Let me know what you think :)
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really great, simple product that empowers podcast listeners to find interesting content around specific subject matters.


makes finding interesting podcasts simple and easy.



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I love listennotes. I've been using it for 6 months now. I also love how from DuckDuckGo I can just search !podcast and it takes me right to listennotes. I'm a podcaster, and I talk to a lot of other podcasters. Listen Notes is the best search engine I've found for searching through podcasts. It's fast, reliable, good UI, nice playback controls, love the playlist feature, and it's overall the best search engine out there. Highly recommend.
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It looks like Broadcast just found a potential new search engine! So glad this product has an API, this looks excellent! Kudos!
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Looks interesting but isn't this available in standard podcast app search?
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@johndesk27 Good question! Firstly, the search function is typically very weak in podcast apps. Just open any podcast app, search a person's name, and compare the search results with Listen Notes. It's like in 1997/1998: why Google needs to exist in the first place, given that many portal websites (like Excite!) provided search engine already? Secondly, most people in the world don't know what is podcast (non-listeners), so a web-based podcast search engine is good for the podcast movement. A website is easy to be discovered & shared. Thirdly, for people who already listen to podcasts (listeners), they typically have their favorite podcast player apps already. It's difficult to convince listeners to switch to a new app. Web is platform independent. A web-based playlist exposing RSS can work well with any podcast player app. Lastly, I believe in unbundling podcast -- be episode-centric, instead of podcast-centric. Current podcast listening model is, you have to subscribe to the whole show, even you just want to listen to an episode. It's easy to subscribe to too many shows, leaving most episodes unplayed. It's like in the old days you had to buy an entire album even you just wanted to listen to a song. Listen Notes provides a way to search individual episodes and build playlists of individual episodes without subscribing to entire podcasts, e.g.,
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