Listen Notes 2.0

🔍 Podcast search engine that actually works


Listen Notes is a podcast search engine, where podcast listeners find podcasts & episodes by people, places, or topics. Listen Notes indexes the meta data of ~506K podcasts & ~31 million podcast episodes — (almost) all podcasts & episodes that you can find on the Internet.

Listen Notes 2.0 is a complete UI redesign, new logo, and more.

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Really digging the re-launched version of Listen Notes. I think that this site has a lot of potential in the podcast discovery space, especially for new people. It would be cool to see comments built into the platform and a nice notifications system.

Awesome job.


The 2.0 feels much more put together. Introduction of cards helps browse results much easier to visually parse.


Adding pagination to results would make it easier to bookmark.

Thanks for the review! Yea, I do plan to add community features in the future. But before that, I'll focus on improving core search feature.
Also, I just implemented the pagination thing you suggested :)

Overall, I like it




I would like to jump to the specific part where a word or phrse was pronounced

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