Listen API v2

Simple & no-nonsense podcast search & directory API.

Simple & no-nonsense podcast search & directory API. Search the meta data of 705,000+ podcasts and 46,800,000+ episodes by people, places, or topics.
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Wenbin is an awesome founder who build fantastic products. Make sure to check out Listen Notes and Listen API!
Hi PH! The first version of Listen API was launched in Dec 2017. Recently, I did a major revamp of the API (v2). Check out the apps built with Listen API: Do you listen to podcasts? What kind of podcast apps do you wish to exist? - Wenbin
whats new in this update?
@aaronoleary 1) v1 relies on a 3rd party api gateway for billing and documentation, which is a bit complex and inflexible; v2 has a simpler billing model. 2) v2 has new api endpoints that v1 doesn’t have. 3) v2 has OpenAPI spec. 4) v2 doesn’t use the 3rd party api gateway, thus response time is reduced by 50%.