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Max Krieger
@a9_io · HS Developer/Designer/@getliquidtime
I'm a junior in high school, so what my immediate source of stress this summer was, "How will I make everything fit?!". I realized time is finite, and there's only so much you can do in a day. So I combined time tracking with planning and allocation, and what results is a pretty friendly way to fight procrastination!
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
@a9_io nice job! Im so bad with time-tracking!!
Max Krieger
@a9_io · HS Developer/Designer/@getliquidtime
@bentossell Thanks Ben!!
@a9_io looks awesome!
Jake Mor
@jakemor · ios and web //
@a9_io great job Max! very impressive. I would challenge you to simplify the UI a bit.
Samarth Jajoo
@a9_io Great app! I'm definitely gonna get some stuff done! You gave another soon to be high schooler inspiration :-)
Michaele Harrington
@michaele_harrington · Founder - Street Smart Women
@a9_io Brilliant work Max! I could really use better time tracking! Is there anyway to use it without staying signed into a Google account?
Elena Benito Ruiz
@elenabrz · Full Stack CMO @ BeeBole Timesheet.
@a9_io impressed Max, kudos. If Asana just interpreted week load and long-term projects just like you did!
Trevor Coleman
@trevor_coleman · Co-creator of the Muse headband
@a9_io Wow, this is terrific -- I have ADHD and this will really help. Would love to see a google calendar integration. (if I create events with certain keywords, then it fills the meter for an associated task.)
Siobhan O'Rorke
@siororke · Marketing @ Zenkit
@a9_io This is amazing! It's like you read my mind... Implementing a pomodoro timer properly! \o/ I've been using it all day already :)
@ramkumarhq · Researching about the 'Startups'
@a9_io -- Max, your app is too good. Most of us are weak with time management, so this is gonna help a lot of product hunters here. I love the simple and colorful interface. You have done a splendid work, I'm looking forward to your future apps..:) Keep it up...
Max Krieger
@a9_io · HS Developer/Designer/@getliquidtime
Thanks so much for the kind feedback everyone! I really appreciate it.
Agustin Dahbar
@a9_io Greattt tool mate! I love that is super graphic, you can see in a glance how are you doing in terms of productivity and how to fit hours for certain task! As a feedback I would add, "week starts on monday", and notes along with the timer, a plain text field where you can log what are you up to with that task.
Max Krieger
@a9_io · HS Developer/Designer/@getliquidtime
@agustindahbar Notes are roadmapped :)
@imaan988 · Freelance Web Developer
@a9_io @agustindahbar What about the 'week starts Monday'? Loving the tool but that's driving me a little crazy.
Max Krieger
@a9_io · HS Developer/Designer/@getliquidtime
@imaan988 @agustindahbar yes, but it might be a little bit.
Max Krieger
@a9_io · HS Developer/Designer/@getliquidtime
@agustindahbar Just shipped notes today!
Steven Lam
@slamboogie88 · Digital Asset Management nerd
@a9_io Congrats!! You're a an inspiration to me and my 10 yrs old son who just started to learn Java. Keep doing your thing!