The only electric longboard that folds and fits in a bag.

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A month ago I was lucky enough to meet the team and take a ride on Linky. I'm proudly introducing them here. I can tell you Linky is not just a mere idea, there is already a prototype and the learning curve was a breeze. Yep, I had never ridden a longboard before. Keep up the good work folks!
Still too big.
@douglance Waiting for some electric Heelys?
I'm curious to hear from someone who has ridden this AND a Boosted Board... I was about to buy the 2nd gen Boosted Board but now that this is here i'm curious.
This is great competition for Boosted Board. Seems like a very nice package. Will be curious to see how this plays out once it comes to market.
Seems like a nice product but buying an electric longboard is a big investment. I own a boosted board v1 and one of the reasons I chose it is because the company making it is stable and in the US. This is important because you will need replacement parts. You also want to make sure that it was thoroughly tested for safety; at such high speeds that's a must.