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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 18, 2020
Add multiple links and super charge your bio link in minutes. Collect email addresses and integrate with G Sheet, Zapier and Mailchimp. What else? Schedule links, Grid views, Social Icons, Deep links, Reports, FB Integration, CDN hosting and much more.
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Hi everyone 👋 I’m Mark, maker of Linkk.Pro ⚓️ Yes. Yet another link first micro-page with a better experience and cool features. Every multi-link page service out there has a lack of customization and integration. They were only focusing on the basic links, but we felt that we could come up with better experiences and solutions for the people. We have also included email subscribe feature to collect and integrate with Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Sheets for better marketing workflow. So we came up with LinkPro. 🔝99.9% uptime. — on the same network as Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, Slack, and Adobe. 😲Fluid Grid View — Give each link gives the chance to stand out in your Linkk.Pro page. ⚙️Integrations — with MailChimp, Zapier, Google Sheets.
📧Built-In contact management — You can export the contacts and use it wherever you want. ⏱Schedule your links — You can schedule the link based on your marketing campaign. ⚓️ Deep links — Make any link as a deep link to direct the customers to one particular link. 📊Reports — Lifetime, Weekly, Monthly break down performance of your micro-page and links. Few micro-pages that built using Linkk.Pro We are giving Linkk.Pro pro plan free for newly signing up users. It is absolutely free. ⚓️ Happy linking 💌
@markkjones Cool. After signing up, the landing page load was slow, can you please check? Also, is Pro plan free for the new users :) ?
Hi @naveenkumar, I just created a new account, it is loading faster. Can you please check your network? Yes, we are giving away pro plan for free.
Hi @naveenkumar Can you please hit hard refresh once?. I am ready to address the issue through zoom call if you've interested
@markkjones Thanks. I fixed the issue. I just disabled my ad blocker :)
Congratulations on your product launch Mark! What is your product USP. How your product is different from other multi-link page service like LINKTREE?
Hi @deepak_s3 We are the first product which uses CDN to serve pages. I would like to highlight a few keypoints 1. CDN (99.99% uptime) 2. Right integrations (Zapier, Google Sheets and Mailchimp) allows users to create automated workflows (which no other tool provides) 3. Design beautiful layouts using Grid View. 4. Built in contact management (you can view, download contacts) And ... Try it LinkkPro now (
Congrats on the new product. Can't wait to test it.
Hi @bbiibbzz Thank you for your kind words. Waiting to hear feedback from you. We built advanced bio link tool with inbuilt contact management, you can automate workflows using our integration (Zapier, Google Sheets and Mailchimp) Try it now:
This is a first micro-page that really draws you in. In a world where attention span of customers is shrinking and customers are beginning to crave more focused content at a smaller scale this site should come in very handy for marketers.
Hi @dsarkar Thank you for a compliment. We love to hear more such feedbacks from our customers. Here at LinkkPro, we always put our customers first.
This product is quite impressive, I have seen other multi-links bio in the past but never dared to jump on it. I started a freelancing career few months ago and for a long time the thought of building myself a portfolio for self branding was on my mind but I did not want to invest dozens of hours into it. That perfectly solve the problem for now. Few things I wish I could do with Linkk: - At least have a "first name" input for the email integrations - Having the possibility to remove some leads from the list Otherwise the zappier integrations is slick! Congrats
Hi @soueuls Thank you for a compliment. Your feedbacks are very valid, we will try to address it soon.