Extract quality emails and contacts from LinkedIn to build business relationships that matter.
Empower your Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Close.io and other CRM database with new leads and accelerate your sales process
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Hey Product Hunters. Vlad here! I am with the Appointment Setting agency Belkins. This week we introduce - LinkedIn Email Extractor. It’s a web-based application that allows extracting detailed data complete with emails, titles, companies' data, and other valid information from LinkedIn based on the search query. It works with Sales Navigator as well as a basic LinkedIn search. Our product was designed to help marketers and sellers to be more efficient with LinkedIn, be able to work at scale with thousands of LinkedIn profiles in a matter of a few clicks. One of the great competitive advantages that our product has is that by scrapping out LinkedIn data we don't visit LinkedIn profile thus it doesn't count as an impression, so there are no limits with regard to how many extractions you can make per day. You can enjoy unlimited LinkedIn data extractions with our product! We have a 24/7 live chat and the whole team is standing by waiting for your feedback. Support our app, test it, use it, and see you on the other side! Respectfully, Vlad.
@belkins Vlad, thank you for this tremendous job you've done. And that you decided to share with all the tools the Belkins team developed for internal use.
@belkins Really, really, interesting idea and implementation! I would even want to try your tools myself someday.
@alex_petuschak Thank you. If you will have any questions, just let us know :)
@belkins This looks like a really helpful tool but it does not seem to be loading. Followed the process on the website with the chrome extension but nothing seems to be happening.
Do you have permission to collect these emails? Maybe just ask someone for their email instead.
@petecodes Hi Pete. Thanks for the comment. We are scrapping the open data sources to find relevant information. You are right, you can just ask. But a lot of marketing and sales professional might find this useful in their process
@petecodes @belkins especially when the target doesn't want to share it with the "sales professional" 😜
The worst thing in the world is when LinkedIn Contacts add me to their mailing lists. This seems like it could only further enable that.
@rossdcurrie Hey Ross. Same thing, but the business needs to work with businesses. How different B2B companies can increase their revenue and get more clients? There is always will be outbound marketing calling, emailing etc.
@rossdcurrie Ross, that is not the case, but your point is a fair one. On the high level we help marketers to personalise their outreach. For instance, I developed a product for CMOs and you are a CMO, instead of me marketing my product on LinkedIn only, I filter out the right audience on LinkedIn, use our Extractor to prepare a targeted list and then email that list with a highly personalised pitch.
Great effort, man. This could be an excellent tool for cold emailing. Sorry, don't mind. Cold emailing may be a great opportunity to boost chances. I might be wrong, mail to everyone couldn't be the right way of marketing in this era where everyone has to deals with GDPR and other compliances. If this type of tools comes out, then one day Linkedin will have to count a huge amount of sue against privacy policy violence. I trusted LinkedIn and gave my primary email while creating my profile there. Now maybe I've to rethink. Again, I'm sorry for my words.
@gtarafdar Thanks, Gtobinda. Yes, our tool will be helpful for sales and marketing teams for sure. We will see in the nearest future how LinkedIn adapt their policies and what it will be for different lead generation tools.
Such a useful tool, congrats! Some thoughts left here on your landing page too, some suggestions might help increase conversions :) https://app.usebubbles.com/b5e10...
@tom4 Thanks, Tom. I will look through.