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Emmanuel B. Lepage
  • Emmanuel B. Lepage
    Emmanuel B. LepageHere for social media tech stach

    Pay more for sometime a little more


    Audience Network are black boxes. They never tell you what's in it and you never know why you win in it. Hell on Earth basically

    I used Facebook Audience Network and it's a black box. Facebook Staff never tell you what is in the Audience Network. Zero brand safety.

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Adam Hollander
Adam Hollander@mwtbrowser · Founder @ Hotel Tech Report
Anybody have good experiences using Audience network in B2B marketing that can share some insights?
Emmanuel B. Lepage
Emmanuel B. Lepage@emmanuel_b_lepage · Here for social media tech stach
@mwtbrowser never use Audience networks would be my recommandation. They are black boxes. If your brand would like to be on highly credible websites they should contact them directly. So you will be 100% certain of where your ads show up.