Linked Cities

List of useful info and links to be connected when travel

We live in a connected world. But, how easy is be connected when you travel? Linked Cities tries to help you. Giving you all the information necessary to travel and live in foreign countries and cities and keep you connected to the rest of the world.
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I travel a lot. And I always have the same doubts about if I will have connection, where to find 4G spots, how much they costs... Even something as simple as what is the plug type of my destination, needs a time investment. My goal for this side project is have all these information in one place. I started with 4 european cities and the info related with mobile carriers with prepaid plans, 4G availability and the plug type. In the next weeks, I plan to add more cities and more info related with the costs of the WiFi connections in train stations and airports. Next steps? More cities from other region like US and Asia and info related to tech events and coworking spaces with daily prices. I'm open to any suggestion of additional info that would be interesting. Just let me know and I will try to add it ;) Thanks!!!