Lingvist uses machine learning to adapt to you based on what you know and to level-up your language learning power with trackable progress. Try it today and boost your knowledge! Learn French, Spanish, German, Russian – or English from one of 12 different languages.

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Hey there Product Hunt! I started Lingvist while I was working on the Higgs team at CERN. I had tried all sorts of ways to learn French - online and offline and everything was too slow. So I designed an adaptive algorithm to help myself learn French. It worked. After 200 hours of study, I went back and took the Estonian school exam in French and passed it. After that, I realised this was a huge opportunity and that's where the company started. We came through Techstars in London last year and are now releasing new languages, announcing some new EU funding and launching our mobile apps for iOS and Android to make our mission of making language learning faster even more accessible for people! Would love to hear what you think, thanks :)
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@mait_muntel hi. Where can i find the app for learning English?
Hey Igor. You can start learning English with Lingvist by going to the main Menu of the app, click on the flag icons and then add a new language. There you can select to learn English from either French or Russian. Good luck!
@mait_muntel Awesome app. Congratulations!
@mait_muntel what do you think of tim ferriss approach to learning languages?
@eriktorenberg His principles - effectiveness, adherence, and efficiency are very well aligned with Lingvist. Our vision is to build a product that will use personal interest for adherence and generate learning priorities based on that. It's very close to Tim Ferriss's approach. The only difference is that he has an approach, but we're making it a full product to help people to follow this approach. Especially the last principle - efficiency! The fully adaptive algorithms are used in Lingvist to make learning personnally effective.
To follow up with good news, we are also proud and delighted to announce €1.6m in EU funding to help scale our product and offer more languages sets to our users!
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@mait_muntel Thanks for creating Lingvist - a great product! I know you hail from Estonia - any chance that this funding will be used for an English -> Estonian version to allow ever more people to learn this fascinating Uralic language beautifully? Aitäh!
@martinmcgloin Tere, Martin! English > Estonian version is obviously close to our own hearts. We'd love to do it at some point!
@mait_muntel This is a great tool to brush up on my French! It is so frictionless! What other languages are in your sights? Any roadmap and if not do you have anything like a blog so one can keep up with what the company is up to?
I need German, please :)
@teller coming soon. Or should I say demnächst
Any idea on the timeline for the English > Spanish version?
Beautiful Design & really responsive !!