Social language learning with automatic fluency tracking

Linguistic is the fastest way to grow your understanding of a foreign language through real conversation. Intelligently match with new language partners every week, then have our system automatically infer your proficiency using NLP!
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Hello there fellow Product Hunters! 👋 I'm incredibly proud to finally introduce to you all a product I've been building, basically for myself, for the past few years: Linguistic. As a learner of Mandarin Chinese for nearly half my life, I always found myself asking the question: what's next? You take your classes, you've completed Duolingo… then what? Language deteriorates when you don't use it, so how do you stay proficient in a language you worked so hard to learn? You could just keep reviewing flashcards, but that's boring… real language learners speak their language, make mistakes, and ask questions. Maybe even travel abroad. So how do you bring that experience to everyone? That's what we're trying to solve with Linguistic. Linguistic is like any other language exchange platform but with one key difference: its mission is to actually help you understand a foreign language better. The process is simple: 1. Instead of browsing language partners on a Facebook-style social network, we use our own algorithm to hand-match you with you a language partner, one at a time. Chats have an expiration date, and you can only have 5 chats open per week. This helps to keep the ball rolling. We give you the option to either match with a real native speaker, another learner, or both. 2. When you're chatting with your partner, if you don't understand something they said just tap their message and press "Learn". We automatically tokenize, translate, and provide definitions for each word in the message so you can understand the *how*, not just the *what*. 3. As you chat with more and more people, we run a series of statistical analysis and NLP-based algorithms on your chat transcripts and start providing you with metrics related to your proficiency, such as your vocabulary level and text readability. We'll then use these metrics to improve your future matches. Right now the app is text-only and only supports English, Chinese, and Spanish, but we're hoping to add languages like French and Japanese in the near future! We currently have a small team of around 3 people, and are hoping to add some awesome new features in the coming months. Hope you all enjoy! Oh, and if you want any more info, the launch announcement from our blog is linked above! - Tyler, Casey, and Erik
@tylernickerson Congrats on the launch
It’s about time someone developed something that truly works!
Your approach sounds amazing!! Seems like you’ve managed to solve all the pain points of modern language learning and crafted a language learning “workflow” that is similar to I’m doing anyway (analyzing sentences I don’t yet understand, then noting them down for future studying). I wish I could try it right now but Japanese is not yet supported.