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Thanks Kristofer for the hunt! Hey everyone! Today is a big day for Lima. We're launching Lima Ultra, the second version of our product. Like Lima Original, Lima Ultra is a plug & play solution to transform any USB hard drive into a Personal Cloud. You plug it to the Internet, you plug a drive to it, and voilà! Your content is stored at Home and made accessible from anywhere with Internet access. Your Cloud is auto-managed, auto-repaired, auto-upgraded. Lima Ultra is the result of all the feedback we've received on the first iteration of our product since 2013. It includes a big hardware boost (40x more powerful, 16x faster raw transfer speed, Ultra HD video streaming) and better, faster, more stable, easier to use software. Happy to know your thoughts! PS: Stocks are very limited. First batch went out in 4 hours.
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@junesix We won't erase our Kickstarter history (we've shipped our product late). We've learned a lot the past 3 years. Now we feel it's the right time to leverage on all these learnings to launch a better, faster, more stable product.
Seeing how Lima responded to users on Kickstarter was an extremely poor demonstration of their approach and service.
@tomflemming I'm not affiliated with the company but I've met the guys a few months ago and the team has grown quite a lot since their Kickstarter. You've got a point, but they're now running a pretty solid business (and delivering), I guess the story is a bit different today
I can already do all of this in software with Resilio Sync (formerly Bittorrent Sync) Not sure what this brings to the table aside from another dongle to lose.
@frassmith Compared to Resilio, Lima makes your content available even when your devices are off. It brings you the benefit of having a device always up to distribute your files. Like Resilio, the Lima apps are peer-to-peer. Unlike Resilio, files that don't fit in your computer are accessed in streaming (don't need to download them).
Are they just selling... a hard drive?
@maxkolysh Actually, we're selling an adapter for your hard drive. Connect your HDD to your Internet via Lima, and it transforms into an easy-to-use, near-zero-setup Personal Cloud. The "adapter" takes care of all tech setup (cross-firewall VPN, end-to-end encryption, private/public key authentication, P2P sync, etc.)