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Mathieu Gosselin@matgosselin · Mad Captain
Little suggestion: plug that to an occulus rift and watch yourself be a third person video game character ;-) Or i dunno... out of body experience sounds cool
Mighty Alex@mightyalex · UX / UI Designer
@matgosselin I can't even imagine how strange and amazing that would be :)
Aaron McKeehan@aaronmckeehan · CEO, ParadigmRPA
@matgosselin I prefer first person, personally :)
Aaron McKeehan@aaronmckeehan · CEO, ParadigmRPA
@matgosselin Though, this might have relevance if you are in the military, and you do have a third person viewpoint on a head set of sorts.
Antonio Flores@contactdailycam · Hottest new social network "Dailycam"
@aaronmckeehan I agree! It seems better from that perspective