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Paul Prins@paulprins · Founder - Fresh Vine
Wondering how good it is at avoiding obsticals in the environment. Things like trees, chair lifts, wires. Anyone know if it has radar or something of the sort? The shots in the video were all in pretty open areas.
Karen X. Cheng@karenxcheng · I make viral videos
@paulprins "At this moment, the Lily Camera does not have any obstacle avoidance capabilities (cost and design choice). We have found that most outdoor activities do not need obstacle avoidance because Lily can follow the user's path. But again there are no guarantees that Lily will not hit anything while it is following you. If Lily is about to hit an obje… See more
ben Watanabe@benwtnb · 96 Problems
@paulprins @karenxcheng This looks great, but the lack of obstacle avoidance sounds very risky for their core use case shown in their video of action sports. Can't imagine someone being able to notice the Lily about to hit the ski lifts while snowboarding or otherwise. Seems like some kind of housing like this might be necessary in that case: But also s… See more
Paul Prins@paulprins · Founder - Fresh Vine
@karenxcheng you're a super sleuth Karen - no one can take that away from you. Thanks for sharing that here. Disappointing it doesn't but their choice makes sense. As a former semi-pro freeskier this drone blows my mind.
Michael Wieland@drohnenpreneur · Founder and consultant
@benwtnb @paulprins @karenxcheng Do you know fleye ? They solved the housing: