Sync your philips hue to your music

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Lightsync for iOS syncs your Philips Hue lights with your iPhone's screen (ambilight) and your Spotify/Apple Music playback without requiring a jailbreak.
Miciah Baldrey
  • Pros: 

    -It's free! -The setup was fairly easy. -works on color and white hue bulbs -It made my lights look really cool with music!


    -ocassionaly it would seem unsynced. -there is an option to choose color, but it didn't work for my lights.

    This is the first light syncing app for phillips hue that I've seen that is completely free. Like I said in pros, the setup was easy. The Spotify integration was quick and painless, and although it didn't find my lights immediately, I was able to connect with the ip address of my lights, which wasn't too hard. The only issue was that for some songs it would seem weirdly synced, and I couldn't figure out what part of the music it was trying to flash with. There is a color wheel to select colors from, but mine ignored that and flashed through all the colors of the rainbow -- I don't know if I selected it wrong, or what. Either way, I plan to keep using it! I feel like it would be good for syncing lights to music for a party, but not exactly something I would use in my every day yet.

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