Lightpad's calendar uses your visual cortex for spatial time perception so that you can stop wasting your consciousness on stitching week rows in the table and focus on the tasks at hand.
Try planning that Sparks Joy!
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Fellow dreamers, I'm so glad to see you here. How do you feel today? Personally, I'm both excited and scared. But after all, I like to feel good. And I like it when people around me feel good. I think that's the value of a good product – it makes you feel good. Sparks joy 😌 Similar to many of you, I enjoy planning and thinking about the future. But I never wanted to place any of that into common calendars, with their dry tables, my fragile plans didn't want to get in there. So, I decided to make my own calendar, with both lively and calm colors and a natural flowing timeline. Lightpad shows time closer to what we think it is – a continuous dimension. And it's natural for your visual cortex, so it can process time distance on its own and your consciousness can focus on the planning. And, to me, it feels right. I think it can be a good fit for dreamers and visual thinkers. This project has been a long road, yet I’m excited for the journey ahead. Lightpad will continue to be enhanced and updated – so stay tuned! Google Calendar integration is expected to arrive in July (or perhaps much faster) and additional extensions are soon to come. Cheers! --- Prospects –––– I would like Lightpad to be much more than a calendar. I sure would like to have collaboration features, tasks, robust structuring features with tree editing. Some of those already have backend ready and just wait for the UI. More extension points are shown in the Roadmap section on the landing page. Some are yet to be announced. Feedback welcome (even the most brutal !) –––– If anything isn't working, or unclear, or you see a potential improvement – leave a comment, I'll be happy to help, or accept feedback. Remember – there's no such thing as a dumb question. If anything is unclear – it's my fault, and you will only help by asking. Promo –––– Use code PRODUCTHUNT to get a 29% discount on next 6 months of service on any of the plans on the main pricing page. Use word "secret" in your comment to get a special secret code for an even better deal. On Table calendars –––– Many of you may be accustomed to table-type calendars and I respect that. But think about what – the time is a continuous dimension, right? Therefore, it can be presented spatially. And your visual cortex is extremely good at processing spatial information. Table, instead, requires some processing by consciousness, to stitch week rows into a continuum, thus leaves fewer resources to process the tasks at hand. Don't get me wrong: tables are great, I love them. But table calendars, they optimize for space, instead of optimizing for brain resources. They were made for the physical constraints of the time. Those constraints no longer apply. With the layer of virtuality, we can make a quasi-infinite time representation. That's why I think spatial calendars are a much less wrong approach for our time. They use more of the brain and allowing consciousness to focus on the tasks at hand. --- Credits: Video: Polina Lyubko Video track: KaiKaiWave App SFX: Slava Redov Poll –––– Some of my friends perceive time as a spiral where each turn corresponds to a year, so if you're like my friends – you're not alone. So how do you perceive time? See options below
I perceive time as a continuum, linear-ish layout
As a continuum, stream towards me
Like in a table calendar
Other. (would be grateful for an answer in the comments)
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@spacegangster I find I perceive time on a log-scale, where the distance between today and tomorrow is very short, but the distance between 3 days from now and 4 days from now is very long. That would be very intuitive for me visually.
@xarlyle0 hmm, that's definitely interesting 🧐 Do you think it will scale for larger timespans?
I organize my side project todos with lightpad. I did not miss a deadline again. The UI is intuitive and the time organization is unique. I highly recommend lightpad.
@orolle hi Oliver! Whoa, thanks a lot for the praise! Do you miss any features?
@spacegangster I think some team features would be nice. Some kind of tasks aggregation for tasks in the far future too.
@orolle got you! yeah, we want it too. How do you see tasks aggregation?
@spacegangster tough question. maybe count the tasks and group by tags or summarize by tasks by text (google text summarization) for maybe weeks or months. But I am not sure whats better. it though question.
@orolle good idea! Yeah, thats worth a research.
Cool, idea. Never imagined calendar could be seen as a flow instead of tables. Good luck!
@deepu_mohan_puthrote thanks Deepu! We think it actually makes more sense in the digital age. And it's more scalable – one format that fits very different timespans.
visual marvel that is, definitely a gasp of fresh air after all those overcomplicated excel-like apps. some people need an inspiration, not an endless sheet 🤞 went off to clean my room
@evgeniy_shiryaev awesome! Glad you like it Evgeniy! Ping if you encounter any issues or will need any features! ❤️
Woow ! the design is very unusual but so original, functional and cool It's a wonderful product !
@mybutler hey, thanks for the kind words ❤️ Ping if you find anything for improvement or explanation!