Light Phone 2

Beautiful phone designed to be used as little as possible


The Light Phone 2 is a 4G phone with a beautiful black & white matte E-ink display. It's a more reliable, durable, and practical phone, now featuring essential tools like messaging, an alarm clock, the ability to get a ride-share home or a list of simple directions. All so you can leave your smartphone behind more often.

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Architect, Medallia Digital



E-ink is a great screen for reading stuff and the battery should last for weeks


E-ink is relatively slow and there will never be apps as good as in other phones, besides R2L languages will probably not be supported.

Angel Investor
I'm not sure if that's a con, the point of the phone is to not use apps.
physics student

I need a camera to take photos of documents and pages. So, if light phone give the option of taking photo although there is no problem if I cant see photograph on mobile screen. They should provide option to just take photo and copy photo on PC. There is no need to provide photo preview option. Taking pic of documents is essential for every knowledge worker. So, I will buy and use light phone as my primary phone only if they provide this option.


every knowledge worker should use their time and concentration wisely so it is a great idea.


They should provide option to just take photo & copy photo on PC . No ned preview option after clicking photo.

I think that illustrates one hurdle of this idea: different people need different specific features -- one person needs a camera but no apps, another person doesn't. I wonder what options are available to cater to more niches.
Art Curator, Through The Window

I love the idea of adding Essentials too it. I've spent some time in Chicago for work, intern phase (still in it; love it). This phone would go so well in my daily undertaking. I see so many reason why it fits in.


The matte design and the simplistic themes this entire company is based on.


That it didn't come sooner and not everyone knows about it. Not all bad.

Geek, Designer, Illustrator, Web Dev
Two years later, no Google Maps and non of the extra functionality advertised before lunch. The price is therefore not justifiable.
I finally recived my light phone 2 after a half a year waiting since ordering in July. I have never received a more deceiving device in my life. 1) On the page its very vage the features of the phone when I ordered it in august. On the commercial on the other hand it very easy to believe that this phone comes with a musicplayer, map directions and a calculator. Refering to this one: But nothing of this excist, and therefor it differs little from a simple phone for quarter the amont of money. The hold fundament getting this phone is therefore gone for me. 2) Its increadible slow, little responsive and inaccurate. To text a simple message takes endlessly amount of time. Everyone that has yet tried to get one simple word right. 3) The sound in the phone is unbearable. The speaker sounds broken and the voices become thin and a bit twisted So for my this does not even work as to call or to text, so I would say you are left with nothing!