LiftUp Smart Resistance Bands

Provides a full strength training gym for anyone, anywhere

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Hi Product Hunt Community! We are thrilled to share our campaign with you! A little background on this project: Nick came up with the idea while traveling frequently as a consultant. He wanted to stay in shape on the road and started using resistance bands, but found them boring and unengaging. That was when he realized that we have wearables and smart fridges, but no way to track strength training. Chris and I joined Nick last year as co-founders. Both of us had used resistance bands as part of physical therapy and understood the challenges with knowing what workouts to do and tracking progress. LiftUp creates a unique workout experience through both software and hardware. Software is available on iOS and Android and provides: - guided workouts (Fitstar-like) - real-time feedback (see reps and pounds while you work out) - activity tracking & leaderboards (see progress and benchmark vs. friends and the community) Hardware consists of three components: - Smart Adapters (those aluminum boxes attached to the handles) sync with your mobile device via Bluetooth. Sensors measure force and motion data, which gets wirelessly transmitted in real-time. Allows you to automatically track reps and pounds lifted. Adapters can measure up to 110lbs each (220lbs total, if you use 2 adapters) - handles are offered in either hard Maple or North American Walnut - three resistance bands of varying resistances. Are easily interchangeable and stackable to offer up to 50lbs of resistance per side We look forward to hearing your feedback and answering any questions you may have!
I would definitely use this!
@zacharydewitt Nice! Thrilled to hear it. Do you see yourself using it as your primary tool for strength training or more as a change of pace / while traveling?
@nicksulham primarily when traveling. I like to do classes for workout, but I would 100% use this when traveling or in a home gym
@zacharydewitt Good stuff. Thanks!
Any youtube videos of it in action?
@molecularsand Yes. We have a couple videos in our media. Here are the links 15-sec: 1.5min: We'll shoot another raw video later today and will share that one as well.
Congrats Hunter. Looks awesome!
@colinvincent Thank you! It's been an exciting journey getting to this point!
I love the prosuct. I already listed it on Gadgetur and shared on our socialmedia :)