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    Nice design, friendly tips, barcode scanner, recipes



    I just started using Lifesum on a daily basis and I must admit that its friendly tips and nice design really help to stay focused on your goals. Lifesum offers some tests and can suggest you a diet, daily calories limit based on your parameters and goals. Lifesum helped me to switch from tea to water very fast because this made my stats look nicer :)

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  • Julie Delanoy
    Julie DelanoyDesign at Product Hunt

    Easy to use


    Not everything is verified in the database

    I've been using Lifesum for almost 3 years now. Love it. Clearly been helping me with weight loss at the beginning and maintenance now. I highly recommend it. Extra point for that veggie tracker with the cutest broccoli ever. 🥦

    Julie Delanoy has used this product for one year.