Now you can print videos (Harry Potter style)

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#5 Product of the DayMarch 06, 2016
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JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
Idea for a Use Case: Turning business cards into product/service intro/demo videos! I hope this was beneficial for you to consider.. I look forward to discussing the viability of this with you. Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
DJ Johnson
DJ Johnson@johnson3650 · Software Developer
@jay_bee12345 Are there any benefits to paying for the printer, then paying for a lot of Business Cards / ink / whatever else is needed. Instead of getting a regular business card with a link that sends them to a copy of the video? Especially if I then need to have extra room on the business card to say that in order to see the video along with the card, you need to go download this app here first.
Ace Wang • 王心田 💪
Ace Wang • 王心田 💪@acewacewacew · ▲ Health with ❤︎ - WeChat @ xtw1009
I'm gonna hide my proposal message in my girlfriend's photo. : ]
SpaceTuxedoMaker@spacetuxedo · Founder, LifePrint
@acewacewacew Do it and send it to us!!!
Josselin Colletta
Josselin Colletta@josselinco · VR/AR Maker @Black Euphoria
This looks very cool ! But I'm not going to put 200$ in a new printer if I already have one, just for this. I get that you're making money through the printer because a standalone app would probably not be too lucrative. But there is no real need for me to buy it except to unlock your software, and that's too expensive... Too bad.
Duane Wilson✌️
Duane Wilson✌️Pro@helloduane · Product : Design & Development
@josselinco a primary feature of this printer is that it's on a global network, think of sending your mom thousands of miles away a photo which she can then bring to life in the app, that when she woke up in the am the photo was sitting there waiting for her, etc. ✌️
Josselin Colletta
Josselin Colletta@josselinco · VR/AR Maker @Black Euphoria
@duanewilsonsf Cool idea on paper, but I have high doubts that it will work out this way. If I want to send a video to my mom, even if she had the printer, I would just do it via a regular app. The printer thing adds a nice surprise-effect, but everything you have to go through just for this is a bit much. Buying the printer, letting everyone know you have it, send them the link to the app, getting them to download it... I mean, again, I don't feel like most people are going make such an effort. Especially with all the video-sharing apps out there. I might be wrong, but that's just me telling you how I feel, so you can help your startup find its customers and meet their needs :) What I do believe in, though, is a commercial use. Stores could use this as a cool way to advertise. Creative agencies could use it as a way to make mind blowing booklets. And in transmedia architecture, this could be such a new and creative trick to add.
Bruno Nascimento
Bruno Nascimento@nscmnto · Chief Beard, Barba Brada
@josselinco I agree, although the $209,515 they raised on Kickstarter speaks for itself. However, I think it's a gimmick, since the only real innovation here relies on the app (and the watermark) and not on the printer.
SpaceTuxedoMaker@spacetuxedo · Founder, LifePrint
@josselinco @duanewilsonsf It's a very good point. Some people don't see the value in doing this physically. Why not just send a text of the video? And that's totally true if the user sees no value in physical photographs. We are not those people. We (and our customers) fundamentally believe it means more to hold a photo in your hands, or frame it and put it on your walls. Our customers are mostly millennials who desperately want to personalize their space (dormrooms, lockers, binders, etc) and see real value (emotionally) in the physical print. So if you take that person, who's already printing photos today maybe, or who has thought about printing pictures from their trip to Europe but haven't gotten around to it, we're offering a significantly more robust and convenient solution than making the trip down to Wallgreens and printing off some photos. Adding a social and AR element, brings photographs into the new millennium for people who still care about real pictures. And that's a HUGE market. So if you look at us through that lens, there's no doubt we kick the crap out of existing physical photographs today... which is still a $5 billion industry just in the US :)
Niv Dror
Niv DrorHunterHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
Really cool video by @NewThisNews that goes over LifePrint
Marko Vuletic
Marko Vuletic@markoxvee
This is mind-blowing!