LifeFitness x Studio

Run with the world's best instructors at your own gym


Studio is a mobile app for runners, teamed up with LifeFitness, the world's largest fitness equipment manufacturer, to bring Studio group running classes to the gym.

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17 Reviews5.0/5

If you get bored running on a treadmill, I highlight recommend this! Great music mixes and motivating instruction along the way.


Can do it on my own schedule! Great instructors


wish more friends were on it so I can compare our rankings!

Thanks Tiffany!!! Something cool coming soon to get more friends on board :)
Thanks Tiffany! really appreciate the feedback!

Started using the Studio app last fall for interval and hill training leading up to the Chicago Marathon. Studio eliminates the two worst things about treadmill training: motivation and devising a program.


Motivating, engaging instructors with great music! Programs for everyone, beginner to well-seasoned marathoner.


Not enough days in the week to get through every program ;-)

Thanks Cody! You give me a run (literally) for my money on the leaderboard. Lucky to have you as a member.
Cody - although you kick my ass on the leaderboard, I still appreciate all the feedback. Can you remind me: who is your favorite instructor?

This is an exciting product teamed up with the industry leading manufacturer of fitness equipment; very excited to see how big this grows.


Strong corporate partnership and potential availability across the largest portfolio of treadmills of any OEM..


I wish I had more fitcoin

Thanks Chase!
I know the best way to get more fitcoin: run more and run faster!

I've used Studio for a while, and the new integration is going to be awesome. Great way to actually get on the treadmill and not have it be boring. Fun coaches, really challenging and great music to boot.


Studio is awesome to use


Have to buy new (smaller) clothes

Thanks Romanos!!
Thanks for the good feedback! See you on the leaderboard!

I’m biased but I love it. Get your fitcoin!


Incredible instructors, great music, interactive leaderboard.


not enough time in the day!