Life Lapse for Android

Create eye-catching stop motion videos, all from your phone!

We're stoked to have finally launched on Android! Stop motion & personal time-lapse videos are a great way to add life & motion into your stories, feeds, partnerships and marketing campaigns. Life Lapse makes it easy for you to create content on the fly, all from your phone, that stands out from the crowd.

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Nick Walter
Nick Walter@nickchuckwalter · Teaching code the fun way.
Whoa! So rare to see a launch on Android, I love it! Awesome app BTW
Sarah Boland
Sarah BolandHunter@sarah_boland · Founder & CEO, Life Lapse App
@nickchuckwalter Thank you! :)
Sarah Boland
Sarah BolandHunter@sarah_boland · Founder & CEO, Life Lapse App
Hey Hunters! 👋 📹 We are very excited to finally be available on Android. We launched on iOS exactly one year ago originally as a "time-lapse app for your life". What we've noticed, is a lot of our users have been using Life Lapse to create stop-motion videos. We have been improving the app and adding features to make the experience better for this new purpose, though, you can still 100% use it to create videos like a pregnancy bump time-lapse. :) 🍁We are based in Vancouver, BC. 📱 Our goal is to impact the way stories are captured from our mobile devices on a global level. So what can Life Lapse be used for? - Marketers can create video ads for their product based businesses - Influencers create compelling video content for their partnership campaigns - Engaging videos for Social Media for an everybody smartphone user - Capture a weight loss journey - Turn before & after photos into a looping video - Pregnancy Time-Lapse Videos - Travel Videos ✨ Features - Ghosted Image / Opacity Slider- The previous photo in the projects is overlaid in camera mode so you can align your subjects from clip to clip. No tripods needed. - Multiple Projects - Filters - Camera Timer - Interval Timer - Re-arrange clips in a project by holding down the clip and dragging to a new spot - Import photos into a project (Pro Feature) - Back Camera & Selfie Mode - Customize Sizing - Whether you want to up your Instagram story game, share on Facebook or upload to youtube, we have you covered with each size dimension. (9x16, 1x1, 3x4, 10x16, 4x3, 16x10, 16x9) - Re-Align an image after you take it - You can go into each photo and align it with either the first photo in the project or the previous photo, for the perfectionists out there ;) - Speed - Adjust the speed of your photo project - Music - Have you ever tried uploading a video with a Beyoncé song in it to social media? Life Lapse has you covered with a library of 15 songs. - Tap and hold on the screen and the ghosted image will disappear. - Guideline Grid - To help you center your subjects - Reminders - Never miss a moment with reminders. Hourly, daily, weekly. - No Editing required! Life Lapse automatically assembles all your clips into a fun & unique video. No fancy editing software required. Hassle-free video creation 🙌🏼 Life Lapse Pro Try Life Lapse pro on a 7 day-free trial. After the 7 days, the Pro version is available on an annual subscription for $9.99 USD. What's in Pro? Watermark Free videos, full access to music library, ability to import photos and unlimited projects.