Life Calendar

Beautiful prints of a life in weeks

Life is best lived when reminded it's short. Remind yourself, friends and colleagues with beautiful prints of a life in weeks.

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Thanks @emieljanson ! For those unfamiliar with the concept, the idea is simple. The average human life worldwide is expected to last about 71.5 years. While that might seem like a long time, you'd be surprised by how short and finite it actually is when represented visually. Each week is a square and each row a year. That's an entire lifetime from birth to death, in 4160 squares.  It felt like a great reminder to have around. To keep you grounded to what really matters, and to motivate you to make the best out each and every one of those finite squares. But while there where more than a couple apps and posters that served the same conceptual purpose, we couldn't really find anything that could do it in a beautiful but understated way. Something that could both serve it's function and also look great wherever it's placed. So we made our own. There's 3 variants, all a one-time limited print. Hope you like them!
@carlosxcl I'm a bit confused why this is a Kickstarter and not just being sold normally. I love the concept and have a much simpler version printed out on my wall but these are just prints right? What is keeping you from selling them in a non-crowdfunded way?
Hey @dawsondepretis. So basically two things, one is this is a small side project (just printing them once) and not something we'd like to dedicate much time to. And secondly, it's a great way to market/get an idea out. With Kickstarter we can reach more people in a short amount of time and print/ship all at once. Theres just two big time investments at the beginning and end vs having to print and ship a couple every now and then.
@emieljanson @carlosxcl This product is brilliant. I will buy one for sure. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.
@carlosxcl any chance you will be making this in landscape? Want to hang it up on my wall in the living room, XXL-size so I'm reminded every day
@guus_hoeve Well you bought the digital download which you'll be able to print up to a pretty large 2A0 size (1189 x 1682 mm). As for Landscape, it might be doable. We'll have a think and see if we can add it in as an option.
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