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Hi there, I am thrilled we got hunted, thanks @larkef! I am the one of two people working on LFG Pub, I take care of the development part, while @lemonfish does the UX/UI design of our project. LFG Pub was born out of frustration, that for every game that came out, in which I needed to team up, I had to use a different site. We were annoyed that if we wanted to play Destiny with a cool set of people, we had to go through the same process again for The Division. LFG Pub is built with the idea that once you game with a certain set of people, that you should be able to ‘follow’ those people around and team up with them in more than just a single game. Our first beta test was certainly a success but gave us enough to think about. First of all, the design was not ‘great’. Secondly, not every game needed the same filtering system and that is what LFG Pub solves. Each game has its own metadata which you can use to post requests, but also filter on. One of the best ideas, which we added to the site, is to be able to plan games. This gives you the opportunity to have your team ready for that Thursday evening raid you planned. Of course we integrated basic social functions like following users, private messaging and notifications when one of the people you follow, posts a new request. I hope you like our idea and I am here today to answer all your questions about LFG Pub. Please try it out and let us know what you think of it.