Anxiety and stress relief in minutes

Who needs anxiety in their life? Not us. That's why we created Levium. It's a liquid supplement in a convenient 1oz shot that provides anxiety relief in minutes with no side effects using all natural ingredients.

Levium is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.com. Please help us make Levium available and get your per-order now!

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Hello Product Hunters, Christopher Adams here, co-founder of Levium—an effective and convenient liquid supplement for anxiety. In the U.S. alone, over 40 million people have an anxiety disorder. With the confluence of technology, social media, politics and automation, there is real concern of an anxiety epidemic. The conventional effective treatments are prescription-based and have terrible side effects—ironically, sometimes including more anxiety! My co-founder, Neil Mahoney (a former Navy Seal) and I both suffered from anxiety. From being married with children to working on our start-up, and everything in between, anxiety has limited our full potential. We needed a solution that didn’t slow us down or cause more harm than good, so we created Levium! Levium contains all natural active ingredients, including the DPP4 enzyme inhibitors Apigenin, Luteolin and Resveratrol. These key flavonoids act to preserve and promote Neuropeptide Y, your body's natural counter to a stress chemical called cortisol. An increase in NPY strengthens your resilience and emotional intelligence. It also includes fast-acting ingredients like Gaba, L-Theanine, KSM-66, B-vitamins and other vital amino acids to relieve your stress while supporting an increase in productivity. Researched and developed by our team, lead by Nicholas Gilpin, Ph.D. (LSU), Todd Thiele, Ph.D. (UNC) and David Kipper, M.D. (UCLA), we've created what we believe to be the first all natural and effective solution for combating stress and anxiety—in the short and long-term. If you suffer from stress and anxiety like millions of others, we hope that Levium can become a solution for you too! Please visit us at https://www.levium.com/ We are happy to answer any questions you might have about Levium and our team. Best, Chris and Neil See More from Chris Adams
Any research paper or trial on this?
@quynh_d_nguyen Hi Quynh, We are contemplating a trail in the spring of 2018. We have a dedicated research team with many papers around particular activity of specific ingredients in Levium. We have yet to tie them all together in one white paper. If you would like to know the method of action for Levium, please email us at team@levium.com and we will provide you with that information.
@cmorganadams pricing and when can we expect this in india? Btw we are looking for exclusive country distributorship 👍🏻
@phani_bhushan_kukkadapu Hi Phani, We anticipate going live with a subscription model and them migrating to retail. Please send us an email at team@levium.com for distributor inquires. We would love to expand our reach into India!
@cmorganadams sure will get in touch through mail.
@phani_bhushan_kukkadapu Thanks! Looking forward to speaking with you!
Great job Christopher & Neil! Levium looks fantastic.
@cmorganadams Would love to chat about possibly carrying this product. Do you have any information for me to reach out to your sales team?
@francisco_ramos Hi Francisco, We would love to talk with you about this. Please send us an email at team@levium.com.