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Sourcing- so I have couple standard things going on: Google Alerts Reddit Mention And am ALWAYS looking for new information wells if anybody feels like sharing. I've also discovered that a TON of people I know are pretty excited (and/or terrified) about the future of AI so I've been overwhelmed by the wave of friendly-submitted content so far. Not sure if that's sustainable but so far it's been glorious. Unique Spin- to be honest, at some point it gets pretty subjective, but I like to think that I bring a certain unconventional clarity in my thinking. That alone isn't worth much, but that coupled with the amount of time I spend scouring the web for clues to our future and I think the outcome is fairly compelling.
Hi Folks! I built www.HammerAndTusk.com to document my lessons as I went DEEP on VR and AR. (You can see it on PH here: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) That's worked out really well (which is nice!) so now as I go laterally and learn more and more about AI I thought I'd share those lessons as well. This is my attempt to do exactly that and take the hours and hours of AI research I do every week and turn it into something meaningful and useful for everybody else who wants to know- but isn't spending that kind of time. Would love to chat AI all day if you have any thoughts or questions. It's a really, really weird space with potential implications that are... non trivial.
49 upvotes by 9:00am is excellent but I'm looking for some peach numbers friends. You don't think my niche AI newsletter and community is as interesting as the super cute fun new social app? My ego throbs in pain over here...
@mackflavelle hah! the irony, of course, is that you are not using AI to curate or aggregate
@passingnotes @mackflavelle tragically true. NOT YET! Soon.
Where do you typically source your research from? And then ow do you put your unique spin on this to deliver to your audience? @mackflavelle
@bentossell aaaaaaand I missed the reply button. Responded as a general comment. Sigh.
This is cool!