Want to negotiate more pay? Got a job offer?
Understanding your compensation is the first step in financial literacy and negotiating more. Visualize your compensation and simulate growth (ex. equity / stock increases) with our new tool.
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👋 Hey PH Fam, People often forget compensation isn't a static number. A company's growth trajectory can turn an average-looking offer into the best one. Modeling your compensation growth and understanding its complete value is critical to any negotiation conversation. As an example, see: https://levels.fyi/calculator/?c... At first glance, Google (L5) seems higher than Apple (ICT4), but factoring in average stock growth from past 3yrs (~20%, ~40% respectively) shows a diff story Appreciate feedback & suggestions :)
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havent seen something like this, this is really saucy! the design is really slick🙏🏽
Pretty amazing charts and super user friendly! Great tool to evaluate 2+ options and visualize them! Nice work!
Thanks for making this. I’ve met and worked along side so many talented people that were under compensated and taken advantage of because they didn’t understand their relative value. This will make a difference
Never thought something like this would exist.....the charts are really good and looks like it would really help people to make some wise decisions.