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Josh Hubball
@jhubball · Founder @Levelframes
Glad to hear it, Greg! Biggest size we've framed to date is a 44" x 44" art print.
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@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
It would be great to have the size of picture recommended based on the quality of the file that is uploaded. This is simple to use and the prices are not crazy. Nicely done.
Lisa Q. Fetterman
@lisaqfetterman · CEO, Nomiku
Very cool service! I spend so much money framing my shiznit and this is the solution that works for me!
Damian Sowers
@3solarmasses · Founder, Level. Founder, Silvrback
Hey everyone! Maker here. By the way, we setup the link to give product hunters 10% off. Let us know if you have any questions.
Gregory Koberger
@gkoberger · Founder, ReadMe.io
I got a hugeeeee poster printed and framed by Level; the quality was great! Really made things 10000x easier.
This is very useful! It would also be great if we could buy credits that could be gifted to someone.