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Find people based on identities you love

level is matching/dating app that allows you to find people based on identities you love.

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Jess Ahmet
Data Analyst • London
Congratulations on your launch Justin! Had a couple of questions around the product @justin_haar: - What differentiates you from other dating services that tend to utilise these features such as sexuality, age, location etc? Is it just the option to go very granular in your choices? - Are you purely a dating service? I was a bit unsure as it says matching, but now there are several apps in the market that are to make new friends etc.
Justin Haar
Founder - level
@jesswallaceuk Yes for now the app allows you to find people based off sex, sexuality, gender, age, and height. I don't think there is an app out there that is as granular as that. The idea is to find people whether it's for friends, dating, sex, networking...