An easier way to custom frame your posters, prints & photos

Level is online custom framing for posters, prints photos and more. We're making custom framing more intuitive, convenient and affordable so that you can enjoy more artwork and photos in your life.

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The origin of Level is my experience trying to frame a few pieces of artwork and running into all kinds of frustration. The frames I came across in stores were either cheap looking or the wrong size, and the custom frame shops were quoting me 10x the cost of the art itself. Level is a website where you can customize a picture frame to fit any poster, print or photo. The frames and mats are the same quality you would find at the custom framer, but for half the price (or less). After you make your selection and purchase, we ship the finished frame right to your door. Look forward to any thoughts/questions, and to helping everyone get more artwork up on the wall!
@jhubball neat! what channels are you focusing on to market levle?
@eriktorenberg the ideal time to get in front of someone is the moment they take a poster/print out of the shipping tube and have the "uh oh, now I have to frame this thing" moment. I'm working with artists who will refer their customers to Levle for a really rich experience, e.g. - https://www.levelframes.com/arti... Other channels to focus on are search, content marketing, and soon integrations with other sites and apps (e.g. - a "frame this" button on Flickr or a site that sells concert posters).
@jhubball Working directly with artists and art merchants is a brilliant idea. I've been struggling to find the right frame for one of my favorite photographs for a while. Can't wait to make my first purchase on Levle later tonight.
@andreplaut thanks, Andre! If you email me or use the chatbox on the site, I should be able to get a nice preview image of your photo inside the frame as you customize.
I've wanted this for aggggges - was just talking about how much I wanted it earlier this week to @tomcavill. In my experience I'm too lazy to rent a ZipCar to go to IKEA to pick up cheap frames, and everything I see online is ridiculously expensive or I'm not sure of the exact dimensions (some frames have a mask, some don't). please please please launch in the UK and take my money - I must have about 15-20 posters in tubes that I've collected over the years but never got around to framing. <33
@jongold thanks Jon, hope to get to the UK soon! That same experience (the build up of art trapped in shipping tubes) was what led me to start building this.
Get the Glasshole Kitty, on your wall:
@rrhoover I'll seriously make this poster in any size - would come free with the frame, or we can set a price and send proceeds to charity :o)
great design
I've never understood why custom framing had to be so expensive. Really excited to bring all the beautiful concert posters I have out of hiding in my closet.
@aten most custom frame shops outsource a bunch of the work (hence the delay), have the high retail overhead, and are geographically limited in terms of their business. But for that $30 concert poster you don't need a master framer to spend 4 weeks on it. And by removing the overhead and need to handle the art, the prices can be much lower for the same (or better) gallery-level frame.